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Condition Codes
"10"-mint condition (as it left the factory),
"9"-near mint (most collectors would be quite satisfied with a model which has this grading). A "9" might have some rather minor chrome rubs, re-plated original chrome, or possibly a tiny paint imperfection. Nothing broken or missing (any photos taken with missing parts, the missing parts will be replaced before we ship). Older models made of acetate plastic likely will have a normal or less than normal amount of warp. Please note that we don't grade all that many models as a "10", so a "9" is a very good grading.
"8"-could have any of the following: a subtle vent post crack, more substantially worn chrome (more so than a "9"),a slightly larger paint flaw, or some moderate warp (in the case of older acetate models.
"7"-Likely to have somewhat more noticeable flaw(s) than any of the above gradings, but still a decent looking model.
"6"-Likely to have scratch(es), crack(s), or missing/broken part(s).
"5"-very average, not a top shelf model, obvious flaw(s).
"0"-"4"-Poor to fair-very likely, we won't be listing many models with a grading this low, but if we do, please don't expect a lot.
Billing Information
We accept Master Card and VISA charge cards.($50 minimum) Orders paid for by a personal check will be held until the check "clears". (Up to 3 weeks) We recommend that you pay with a charge card or with a money order to ensure prompt shipment of your order.

Pennsylvania residents must add 7% for Sales Tax , to the total of the merchandise ordered.

Return policy
Any model(s) with which you are disatisfied may be returned within 10 days in the same condition in which you received them. Be sure to insure the model(s) on their return trip! If we receive a model that is damaged on its return trip that is uninsured, we cannot issue a full refund, if any.
Continental U.S.
UPS-$10.00 per any size order.
U.S. Post Office-You'll be charged the actual shipping charge that the Post Office charges us. Because of the new postal rates recently impemented, each shipment charge will have to be handled on an individual basis. Please inquire.

USPS-$20.00 for up to two models. Each additional model will be an extra $3.00.

All Other Countries
USPS-$25.00 for the first model. Each additional model will be an extra $5.00.